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Goldman Sachs Board Pay Deal Rejected by Delaware High Court (1)

A $4.6 million settlement of claims that Goldman Sachs Group Inc. overpaid its board included too broad a liability release, Delaware’s top court ruled Tuesday, rejecting the deal over provisions that would have blocked separate challenges to future director compensation.

Unum Sued by Hospital Worker for Long Covid Disability Pay (1)

A hospital point of care technician sued Unum Life Insurance Co. of America for long-term disability benefits, telling an Ohio federal judge she’s unable to perform her heavy-duty job after contracting Covid-19 and experiencing lingering cardiovascular, neurologic, and respiratory symptoms.

Teamsters Members’ Retirement Transfer Suit Partially Revived

Members of a Teamsters local union revived part of their lawsuit against their former union’s benefit plans, when the Seventh Circuit ruled they had valid claims for failure to produce requested documents and payment of unreasonable salaries from plan assets.

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